Lady Sisyphus Eats Breakfast

Posted on January 2, 2012


Even though this is Jan. 2, it is “day one” for me. I have resolved to stop my Sisyphean ways and to start eating real food, not food-like stuff.

This morning, I had two eggs/one egg white with broccoli, a slice of whole grain bread and a couple of baby carrots for crunch. I added a touch of whole milk to the eggs and cooked them in a tiny bit of real butter. Congratulate me. It was a decent breakfast.

For me, breakfast is usually Kashi cereal or oatmeal with berries and Chobani. While most would see either of those as “healthy”, the reality is both are full of unnecessary ingredients. I am now choosing to focus on foods that are real food, not a list of ingredients or nutrient additions.

But while I am happy with today’s breakfast, I can already see how difficult it is to eat “real” foods. The baby carrots were actually large carrots that had been processed to look cute and more edible. I have no idea where the broccoli was from but no doubt it was some mega-farm where volume outweighs nutrition. That means pesticides and fertilizers were on this morning’s plate. The eggs came from a mega-farm so the chickens were fed grain and never pastured. That means the nutrition of the eggs weren’t optimal.

For a store-bought bread, I did okay. I found a whole grain that only had five ingredients.

Most people would focus on the ill effects of the butter, whole milk and bread I ate. But this is where I did well. These items were mostly “real” so my body will respond well to them.

What do you think about “whole” foods and have you ever looked – I mean really looked – at the ingredients when you are purchasing food in packages?

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