Lady Sisyphus Reads Watches and Writes

Posted on January 24, 2012


I just added Winning the Food Fight to my must-read list.

Here’s a brief article about the author, Pastor Steve Willis and his mind-body-spirit message to the masses:

The article mentions Willis’ interaction with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver briefly produced a TV show, Food Revolution, in 2010-11. I will never forget a curious moment from the show when Oliver demonstrated to a group of American kids how chicken nuggets were made. Here’s the segment if you want to see for yourself:  What is most telling is how the kids reacted when all was said and done.

For what it’s worth, I think the video demonstrates why healthy eating is a battle. We have no clue what food is, we like the way it tastes and we don’t really care all that much about nutrition. We just assume it’s in there somewhere.

While Oliver’s show was cancelled, he continues to educate and enlighten through his foundation.

I look forward to reading Willis’ book.

Lady Sisyphus will continue to read, watch and write until she loses that dreaded stone.