Day 1: I Can Do Anything! I Can’t Do Anything!

Posted on June 7, 2012


Isn’t that the way it always is? You start something new and the first day is full of promise and excitement. So it goes with Lady Sisyphus as I embark on a 30-day sugar-free journey. Today should be easy.

6:30 am – I had cereal for breakfast. I need to put more thought into this meal. Usually I have oatmeal or a whole grain bread with peanut butter. Those are probably better options since they are more “whole” and have protein. Lately, I have been relying on the convenience of boxed cereal. Even though I opted for a low-sugar cereal (when compared to most, that is) I am already 2 teaspoons into my six teaspoon limit for the day. I wonder if it will effect my blood sugar and prompt cravings. That makes me wonder how long sugar effects my system. A quick Google search gave me an answer, at least about blood sugar:  Blood sugar amps up after 15 minutes and peaks 30-45 minutes after eating. Spikes are lower with lower glycemic foods (whole/unprocessed). Fewer spikes means less cravings.

11 am – I am doing well. I went for a four mile run/walk after breakfast and have had a productive morning.

8 pm – Well, day one is a failure. I didn’t have time for lunch, had to go grocery shopping and pick up/deliver kids. I didn’t plan well. I didn’t plan at all.  Let’s just say today involved frozen pizza, tic tacs and strawberry shortcake. The good news is that it also involved fresh fruit and a salad.

On to day two…