Pushing Sugar Stones

Posted on June 7, 2012


One of the benefits of temporarily living in a fully furnished apartment is the magazines. The last time I read a women’s magazine was when I visited my friend and she thoughtfully deposited some in the guest room. I devoured them!  So while I am not enjoying the transition of our impending move, I am loving the new mind-numbing reading materials that have been left behind (even if most are more than a year old.)

As luck would have it, one magazine details a writer’s journey to a sugar-free life.  The article doesn’t impart anything new but it has given me inspiration to try something new: a 30 day sugar-free narrative. Starting today, Lady Sisyphus is going to:

  1. Eat no more than 24 grams of added sugar a day (that’s six teaspoons).
  2. Say no to refined/processed/white flour foods.
  3. Only eat natural sugar.
  4. Write about it every day.

Number four is what makes it different for me. If I have to write about it every day then I have to be mindful of it every day.

According to the article, it took the author about 30 days for her to manage her cravings. She did give in from time to time. From my own experience I know it takes a while for the palate to adjust to new tastes without sugar but only a few seconds for the body to say “More! More!” when sugar has been reintroduced.  That’s what makes sugar so insidious.

Sugar is one huge stone I keep pushing uphill. Over and over and over again. Like many people, I do fine in the morning but by mid-afternoon into late evening, that nagging feeling creeps in – the sense that I need something sweet. I know I don’t need it; I want it.

It’s time to let the sugar stone go.

Speaking of which, I’ve already had two of my six allotted teaspoons of sugar with today’s breakfast. . .