Day 6: More of the Same Laziness

Posted on June 13, 2012


Lady Sisyphus embarks on a 30-day journey to no added sugar.

Day six was okay. It wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t a total loss.

I started off with a great five mile run/walk in the morning. I ran (almost literally) into a posse of older women on bikes. Always inspiring.

Foodwise, it was more of the same. I didn’t eat enough vegetables – as usual – but got in enough whole grains and fresh fruit. There are many times when I am low on calories but I don’t lose weight. It’s because of the quality of those calories. Not enough variety. Too much sugar.

I was not completely sugar-free but certainly had much less sugar than usual and was within my six teaspoon (24 grams) limit of added sugar. Most of yesterday’s added sugar was by way of mayo on my sandwich and dressing on my salad. I did not plan my meals very well due to a changing schedule. That seems to be one of my biggest challenges.

We are 24 days away from moving. 😦