Day 7: Laziness Leads to Failure

Posted on June 14, 2012


Day seven was a complete failure. Sure, it had some bright spots but overall – it’s time to pull the plug on it. Too much sugar. Not enough vegetables. Not enough real food. This is my food journey. Rinse and repeat.

It started with a visit with a friend. She is a cook and had whipped up some cookies with spelt and whole wheat flour as an experiment. While they were “whole” they still contained sugar (and butter) and that’s what I had for breakfast. Sugar and fat. I could have had one and left it at that. But no, I chose to eat several. After all, they were homemade and delicious. What’s the harm? “At least they aren’t Chips Ahoy!” Ugh.

I don’t remember if I had lunch. I felt so guilty about the cookies that I let that slip by.

For dinner, I took the kids to a local weekly classic car cruise-in. I knew I didn’t want to eat any of the fast food – too expensive – so everybody ate something before we left. Except me. I didn’t eat anything because I had to panic-hem a pair of pants for my daughter’s upcoming trip. At the cruise-in, I did manage to order a lime-aide instead of calorie- or fat-laden ice cream. But I would have probably done better with a small vanilla cone. Less sugar. I sure could have done without the leftover pizza slice I ate after we got home.

I would have done better if I had not given myself permission to begin with.

Speaking of which, this graphic is making the rounds on Facebook: Junk Food vs. Whole Food

The graphic shows how junk (fake, fast, Franken) food is actually more expensive than real food. People have argued for years that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. There is probably some truth to that if you have to drive or take a bus a reasonable distance every few days in search of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. You can find chips, soda, candy and convenience foods on every corner.  Is junk food more expensive? Is healthy food more expensive? Who cares. You can make a case either way.

I think the real issue is that people are addicted to the hyper flavor and fat that comes with fast-fake-Franken food. In spite of knowing that there are healthier options, they eat unhealthy foods. It takes zero work and it tastes good.

For me it is a palate issue. I know I have to condition my palate to whole foods. My palate likes Franken-food. I know my palate CAN change. I just have to give it time and be consistent.

I also have to find time for food preparation.

Palate and preparation. That’s what day eight will be about.