Day 8: Not So Great

Posted on June 15, 2012


Lady Sisyphus embarks on a 30-day journey to no added sugar.

I am only eight days into this and it feels like it has been 100. The good news is that my exercise is on track (literally.) I am enjoying getting back into walking/running and the trails here are beautiful near our temporary home. One benefit of having no rain for more than two weeks is that there has been no excuse for not hitting the trails.

But when it comes to food, I am a puddle. I give in. I have no willpower. None. Mind you, my diet is probably better than most. I do avoid most processed foods; I don’t drink soda and I try to cook/prepare as much of my own food as possible. But I have a love affair with sugar. “Affair” might be a key word. It’s wrong, not good for me but I do it anyway.

What does one do to get out of  a no-good affair? That is the question…

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