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Day 3, Part 2: Have Plan. Will Travel.

June 9, 2012


Lady Sisyphus’ 30-day journey to no added sugar. Day three has gone well. It hasn’t been perfect but it has been another “good enough” day. I got in a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The only downside was a “convenience” dinner that contained 15g of sugar, most of which was added, not natural. That […]

What Do a Single Canadian Mom, The Atlantic and Malcolm Gladwell Have in Common?

February 1, 2012


Last week I read an article by Catherine Mitchell about a single young Canadian mom of five who was struggling to feed her family on a very limited income. Mitchell tagged along as the mom grocery shopped and then served a few meals at home. The mom understood the difference between whole and processed foods. She […]

Help! My Bulgur is Vulgar!

January 29, 2012


Don’t let the photo fool you. I wanted to make mock meatballs. The recipe was simple: 2C bulgur, uncooked 1 egg 1T minced onion Oregano and pepper to taste 1C  tomato juice 1-3 T oil As instructed, I mixed the first three ingredients and then tried to make the first of what was supposed to […]

Get Me Out of Hyper Flavor Land!

January 27, 2012


I love the taste of fruit. I almost like the taste of vegetables. So why am I ga-ga over certain chips, candies, breads and cheesy-ooey-gooey foods? This 2008 Today’s Dietitian article explains part of it. Written by Juliann Schaeffer, it explains how palates work and offers tips on how to retrain our palates. I’m in! (And […]

Finding Courage in My Chick Peas

January 25, 2012


The Sisyphus household contains a plethora of palates (including one vegetarian) so my meals are often an exercise in “Whom will I disappoint the least tonight?” The good news is it’s usually me! Ha! I am not an adventurous cook. I use recipes. A lot. I subscribe to a couple of cooking magazines and scour […]

More-Me, Meal Assembly and Taking My Palate Back

January 6, 2012


I have a dear friend I’ll call More-Me. I am giving her that name because my kids once described her as just like me, only more exciting and less inhibited. She is the “me” deep down I wish I could be. More Me. Several years ago More-Me and I were talking about food. (Food tops […]

How to Cook an Achilles Heel

January 3, 2012


  That box is a problem. It just sits there. And it mocks me. There was a time when I loved cooking. The Incredible-Insightful Boss I mentioned earlier was also an Incredible-Insightful cook. She pointed me to a few resources, taught me about knives and suggested a cooking school where classes would be focused on […]